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When I was a kid, I read voraciously and would literally have a dozen or more books with me when I left the house.  The reading voraciously part, that hasn’t changed, I still read all the time (with a couple weeks left in 2011, I’ve read 66 and hoping to round it out to 70).  I only have one or two with me when I’m out and about though.  Anyways, I have a problem.  I go to the library, return a book or two and leave with twice as many.  To the point, I now have over a dozen checked out with seven more on hold.

I can’t possibly read all of those in time!  I need to calm down.  It’s a library, the books aren’t going anywhere.  Hi, my name is Mindy, and I’m a book-aholic.  I suppose there are worse problems a girl could have, but thirteen books?!

Anyways, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I am so glad it’s Friday!  This week felt like an eternity!  I don’t have any major plans this weekend and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I had breakfast food for all three meals today!  It totally wasn’t planned, but it just worked out that way.  The down side of that is that I had no fruits or vegetables.  Gotta work on that tomorrow.

One of the girls in my LifeGroup at Anthem gave me a jar of homemade apple butter for a Christmas gift on Wednesday – how sweet!  I also got a Panera gift card and homemade mocha truffles from two of the other girls.  They’re such sweethearts!  I broke out the apple butter for what’s become my standard breakfast of toast with some kind or another of nut butter.

I went to lunch with a couple co-workers to the Omelette Shoppe today.  I’ve never gotten anything other than an omelet there, but the pumpkin pancakes were screaming my name today!

Rightfully so.  They were amazing!

I went to the gym tonight and did PowerFlex with a different instructor – I usually go on Tuesdays, but I missed it this week (I forgot my tennis shoes at home!).  I really wanted to get a class in, so I went tonight and it’s kind of crazy that it felt like such a different class.  I might have to mix it up and switch between Tuesdays and Fridays because I feel like I got such a different workout, even though it was the exact same muscle groups.

When I got home, I was catching up on blog reading and on Emily’s blog, there was an awesome guest post with a recipe for Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies.  I immediately went down to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of wine, turned on some Christmas music, and started whipping up a batch.

Go check out the recipe right now (and no, just because they’re vegan they don’t have weird ingredients, I promise!), because these were so good!  The only changes I made was using pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon, and I omitted the chocolate chips, but added 1/2 tablespoon of cocoa powder.

I ate two solely for quality control purposes! 😉

I wrapped up my time in the kitchen by making an egg sandwich for dinner.

What a lovely Friday night.  I’m off to make some work on those library books!  Have a great night – see ya tomorrow!


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Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction December 19, 2011 at 2:59 pm

Hi, I just found your blog through your guest post on “A Girl and her Mutt”. I really love your blog and want to congratulate you on your weight loss accomplishment! That’s great! On a side note, I’m so jealous that you have all this time to read! I wish I could read half of the amount of books you read! Have you considered getting a nook? My mother has one and absolutely loves it! You have any book right at your finger tips! Have a great day. -Stellina
Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction recently posted..It’s Begining to Feel a lot like Christmas


mindy @ just a one girl revolution. December 19, 2011 at 3:09 pm

Hey Stellina! Thanks for coming over and saying hello- I can’t wait to check out your blog as well! I read really fast which helps a lot with how many books I get through. One of my roommates recently got a Kindle and I was playing around with it – I think it’s still not for me though. I love technology, but I still need an old fashioned book in my hands!


Nicole Shugars December 25, 2011 at 3:40 pm

I made peach butter this summer — want me to bring you a jar tomorrow?


mindy @ just a one girl revolution. December 27, 2011 at 3:46 pm

Ha – just got online to see this – it makes much more sense now! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try it!


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