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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on December 30, 2010

in Grand Rapids

My alarm went off this morning.  I turned it off and went back to sleep until I woke up naturally.  Almost 11 am was a much more enjoyable time to wake up…even if I waste most of the morning.  Vacations are great for sleeping in!

Brunch, we’ll call it, was delicious with two of my favorite foods as of late:  baked apple oats and toast with almond butter and white chocolate chips. (Okay, I realize I just had the toast combo for the first time yesterday…but I can already see I’ll get addicted.)


blogger meet up.

After an afternoon of errands and running around (and spending way too much money), I had a blogger dinner with Andi, Kayla, and Julia.  Julia had a bit of a drive to meet us, so her mom joined in as well so she’d have company for the trip!  Andi and I had met before, but it was the first time I met the other girls.  It is always a treat to be around other people who take pictures of their food!

We had dinner at The Green Well, by far one of my favorite eats in town.  It’s definitely one place I bring people when they’re new in town (or if they’ve just never been there…which I find tragic).

I started with a Founders Pale Ale.  Founders Brewery can do no wrong.  Okay, that’s not true.  Around St. Patrick’s Day, I had a mint stout that I was not at all a fan of!

Every time I’ve been to The Green Well, I’ve considered their pad thai, but never had it.  Tonight, that changed.

It reminded me more of a curry than pad thai, but it was still tasty.  I will definitely have it again!  The Green Well is definitely one of those places where I have liked everything I’ve had, so I was pretty confident I’d like it.

And, what’s a blogger dinner without dessert?  The five of us shared a couple:  a brownie sundae and a peanut butter ice cream sandwich.  Sharing was definitely the way to go.  Just enough to satisfy.

What a fun group!

I’ll actually see Andi and Kayla again tomorrow!  We are doing a 4 mile Resolution Run in the afternoon!

What food are you eating over and over these days?

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