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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 30, 2011

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I have been completely uninspired when it comes to food these past few days.  Meals have been, in large part, lots of cereal, granola, peanut butter toast, chips and salsa.  Yes, I polished off a jar of salsa in two days.  All by myself.

Can I blame the lack of a functioning oven?  I’m going with that, although check out the pretty new one that was installed today!

It was a big cleaning day around the house!  Well, the first floor at the very least and it is sparkling clean now.  We’re talking washing windows, wiping down windowsills kind of cleaning.  The big project I want to do yet is cleaning out the fridge and wiping down all the shelves.  That and the second floor can wait until tomorrow.

Although most of my eating has been quite uneventful these days, the highlight was definitely a return trip to Bartertown Diner!  Since my first visit earlier this month, I’ve been dying to go back!

On Saturdays, they eschew their normal menu and come up with new dishes based on what they found at the Farmer’s Market!  I went with the Thai Hogie and it was so tasty!  A bit of a kick with lots of yummy peppers and onions, plus a side of potato chips.

For dessert, I went with a cupcake in a jar.  Serve anything in a mason jar and it makes it that much better!

I just have to say:  I absolutely love Saturdays!  It’s been such a lovely, relaxing day.  I’ve so enjoyed having a day with no real plans, no agenda, just enjoying life.

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