about time for some new shoes.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on May 4, 2011

in Running and Training

We celebrated not one but three birthdays in the office today!  There was, of course, cake!  Red velvet no less!  I was a happy camper!

I had two small slices of red velvet cake, plus a cake ball.  Whoever thought of the cake ball creation was a genius, those little things are so good!

At work this afternoon, I had decided against running tonight.  It’s just so hard to squeeze it in between work and heading out to church for Anthem.  But, when I walked in the door, I just got that feeling that I needed to run, even just a bit.

I knew it was going to be a short one, so I took advantage of it to start breaking in a new pair of shoes.  You know, since I’ve been wearing the pair I have since last April.  I have definitely outdone the mileage on the old ones!  Oops.

Check out those lily white legs!  Jealous, aren’t ya? 😉  I took it slow and easy for just over 2.0 miles (22:30; 10:43 pace).  My legs felt ridiculously tight!  I really wanted to do another mile or two, but I also wanted a quality dinner.  The peanut butter and jelly as I run out the door just wasn’t going to cut it tonight!

I had a yummy creation!  I just started throwing things together and it was a success!  I cooked up some quinoa, then added in avocado and red pepper, all seasoned with salt and pepper.

Tonight was senior night at Anthem.  I can’t believe next year is our end of the year picnic!  Tonight, every senior had the chance to say a few things and it was really fun to hear them reflect on their years with the youth group.  It definitely reinforced to me that I want to stay with my girls until they have their senior night in a few years.

Like any proper celebration, there was cake.  Even though I had some this afternoon, I had more tonight.  It will surely make for a good weigh in tomorrow.  It’s just a number, right?

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