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by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on July 6, 2010

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Having yesterday off of work has completely thrown me off! I was convinced most of the day that it was Monday, but feeling very grateful that it isn’t! Only three more days to go until another weekend!!

It was a long but quite productive day. For the first time in awhile, I actually took pictures, but now that I am finally home, I have no desire to deal with uploading them! Tomorrow, perhaps?

Breakfast was a standard: Kashi GoLean! Crunch with almond milk. Yum! Always a favorite! Lunch was a grab stuff as I ran out the door this morning kind of meal: some Greek yogurt (I tried the Oikos brand this time, but I think I might stick with Chobani!), peanuts, and cantaloupe. Random, but tasty! By the time I finally got to eat around 1 pm, my 6:30 am breakfast was long worn off! I was so hungry!!! I also had a Odwalla smoothie later in the afternoon.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of heading to my hometown (about 45 minutes from where I live now), to celebrate my older sister’s birthday with her, my brother-in-law, their three children, and my mom. It was delightful! We went to a local favorite, Butch’s Beach Burritos. It’s a staple around the town, so much so that on the day they open for the season, area high school students are known to skip school just to eat there. I had my standard vegetarian taco salad (it comes with a tortilla and some chips rather than the typical deep fried shell).

After, we headed to another local favorite, Miss Lisa’s, for ice cream.

Confession time: I love, love, love ice cream. And, usually, when I go out for ice cream, I’ll order a double scoop cone. Tonight, though, I switched it up, and ordered a junior size. Surprisingly, it was just enough to hit the spot. I realized that a few bites really does go a long way. Would I still have loved the double scoop? Yes. But, I was content with just the kids’ size cone.

About half the drive back home, I argued with myself about working out, which I did end up going. My official half-marathon training plan starts at the end of the month with long runs starting at 4 miles. Today, 1.5 miles (17 minutes) was tough. So, July’s goal is to work myself back up to that 4 miles. I did a bit of time on the elliptical as well (1.5 miles, 18 minutes).

All in all, it was a long, but quite good day. I’m content.

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Astrid July 6, 2010 at 10:55 pm

Hey you! We need to go out to ice cream in Chicago, because I adore ice cream, too. I usually am satisfied with a small size, too. But small size or not, I need to have it. What is your favorite flavor?


mindy July 7, 2010 at 9:56 am

Um, all of them? Haha. Moose tracks is a favorite, but chocolate chip cookie dough and mint chocolate chip are high on the list as well. You?


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