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When I started running, intervals were what got me through it.  Not speed training intervals, but walk/run intervals.  With all the problems I’ve been having with my knees, I went back to the basics tonight and did 3:1 intervals – 0.3 miles of running at 10:42/mile, then 0.1 miles of walking at 15:00/mile until I got to 2.8 miles.  Then, I cranked it up and went 9:05/mile (!!) until I got to 3.0 miles.  I was thrilled when I finished and my knees didn’t hurt at all!

Did slowing down to walk that often get old?  You bet it did.

Was it worth it to get to 3.0 miles and not hurt?  Without a doubt!

I think intervals will be a regular thing for awhile until I feel confident about how my knees are holding up for longer distances.  I’ll slowly creep the running distance and the speeds back up over time until I’m feeling back to normal.

I don’t care if it took me just shy of 35:00 minutes.  Pain free is the way to be!

I stopped at McDonald’s for a strawberry banana smoothie on my way home.

Part reward for a workout I was beyond happy with, part it’s a freaking sauna outside and I wanted something cold!  Don’t get me wrong, I lurve summer and heat.  But, it’s June 7, people!  It is far too early in the season for days where it’s 93 but feels like 100!  It’s a heck of a lot better than a snowtorious blizzard, at least!

Pre-workout eats included a bag of chips at work (because I knew my lunch wasn’t going to tide me over!).  I got this bag of chips with my lunch one day last week and never ate it, so I broke it out today.  I heart kettle chips!

I went to take care of the dogs after work and chilled out for awhile before heading to workout.  I threw together a “chicken” sandwich with two Gardein crispy tenders, a slice of cheddar cheese, and some Sweet Baby Ray’s all on an everything Bagel Thin.  It was surprisingly underwhelming with not nearly as much flavor as I was hoping for!

Would you rather have heat into the 90s or cold into the single digits? I’m a summer girl for sure!

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Keelie (SweatEqualsSuccess) June 7, 2011 at 11:14 pm

I’m all about the cold! I LOVE bundling up! 🙂 Heat is my kryptonite… and it’s going to be 95 in NYC tomorrow! OY!

Congrats on your run! 🙂
Keelie (SweatEqualsSuccess) recently posted..Running Around Without Actually Running –


Krista @ Journey to a Healthy Berg June 8, 2011 at 8:35 am

I love those smoothies!! They’re so tasty 🙂
Krista @ Journey to a Healthy Berg recently posted..Totally Drained


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