28th birthday challenge week two.

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on August 9, 2011

in Weight Loss

I was really kind of dreading getting on the scale this morning.  I ate like crap all weekend long at Coast Guard Festival and really had low expectations for this week.

challenge starting weight: 161.4
last week: 163.0
this week: 162.4
change: -0.6
overall: +1.0

Hooray!  That was far better than what I was expecting.  Sure, I’m not where I’d like to be for my birthday challenge, but I’m really okay with that.  I think this challenge phase might be the first time ever that I’m truly okay just being where I’m at, and that is a wonderful feeling.  However, don’t get me wrong, when/if the scale does creep lower and closer to my goal weight, I’ll just just as happy with that.  😉

I had a rockin’ workout last night!  I ran 3.0 miles in under 33 minutes (a 10:54 pace) which is the best I’ve done in ages!  I really pushed myself, although I was burning out pretty quickly near the end, but overall I was so excited to finish feeling strong and fast!  Well, faster than I have in awhile at least.  I moved over to the bike afterwards and did 7.0 miles in just over 30 minutes!  I’m getting stronger every day and I love it!  😀

Since I showered last night rather than this morning, I had some extra time while I was getting ready and took advantage of it to make a special breakfast!  Because who doesn’t like something  to brighten up a random Tuesday?!

A single serving of apple blackberry crisp?  Yum!  Although, I didn’t realize that blackberries got quite so tart when they were baked…are they supposed to?

I’m still trying to get the topping just right for a single size crisp and just can’t get it!  Anyone have a good recipe?

I think the breakfast made up for the fact that I was super spacey this morning!  I was making coffee and put the whole beans into the filter before grinding them!  Thankfully, I caught myself before I actually tried to brew it, but this morning was just  full of those kind of moments.

We had a birthday in the office today and someone brought in cinnamon swirl muffins to celebrate!  They were tasty – especially warmed up just a bit to give that “fresh out of the oven” taste.

Lunch was more of the stir fry leftovers from what I made on Sunday.  Adding the pineapple was the best idea, I love the sweetness it adds!



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