2017 Workouts, Week 5

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on February 6, 2017

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After last week’s slog fest, it felt amazing to have energy again! Including the miles I ran today, which will be in next week’s recap, I’ve run almost as many miles thus far in February as I did in all of January! I’m back in training mode and, despite the slow miles, it feels good to actually be working towards something again. Even though I still have a lot of work to put in before my first race of the year, I’m ultimately excited. Although I know that stepping back during 2016 was what I needed, I truly did miss having a big goal in sight.

January 30 – February 5

Monday: rest day. I had a migraine in the morning that I never quite shook. I was at work in the afternoon, but felt lousy by the time I got home.

Tuesday: biked 10 miles (45:00 13.33mph). This was the longest I’ve been on the bike in quite some time and my legs were like lead by the end, but it feels great to start bumping my miles up again!

Wednesday: ran 3 miles (37:19; 12:26 pace). It was pretty chilly when I set out, somewhere around 30 degrees. I was completely bundled up and honestly still wishing I had worn my warmer pants. When I passed someone running in shorts and a long sleeve wicking shirt, I couldn’t decide if I should be impressed or question his sanity!

2017 Workouts, Week 5

Thursday: rest day. I made what can sometimes end up as a dangerous compromise with myself. I really wasn’t feeling the run I had scheduled, so I opted to swap my Thursday run and my Friday rest day. Sometimes, that can just end up being two rest days in a row, but #noexcuses.

Friday: ran 3 miles (36:18; 12:06 pace). As anticipated, I really didn’t want to run…but, I did it anyhow! It was a little colder than I’m comfortable with running outside, so I opted for the treadmill. For the last mile or so, I did intervals of 1 minute running and 1 minute walking, but really tried to push the pace on the running. For the last minute, I was running at 7.0mph, which is absolutely monumental for what I’ve had in me lately! It felt good to go fast!

Saturday: biked 7.3 miles (30:00; 14.6mph). I knew it would be slightly warmer on Sunday, so I swapped my cross training and running days so that I could run outside. In truth, it probably would have been fine outside, but I just hate running in the cold!

Sunday: ran 4 miles (50:56; 12:44 pace). I miss the days when I could run at a consistent 10 minute mile. I know that if I keep working, my pace will improve. Despite that belief, I felt so discouraged during these miles. I wanted nothing more than to throw in the towel after a mile (or, you know, five minutes), but I forced myself to persevere. The long runs are going to keep getting longer from here through October! It’s far too soon to let that frustration get under my skin.


Cycling: 17.3 miles for the week (52.44 miles for 2017)
Running: 10.0 miles for the week (25.22 miles for 2017)
Yoga: 0 classes for the week (3 classes for 2017)
Rest: 2 days (19 days for 2017)

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