2017 Workouts, Week 4

by Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution on January 30, 2017

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Confession: last week was exceptionally unremarkable. I worked out one time. Yes, that right. One time. It wasn’t for lack of want, but sheer lack of energy. This Whole30 challenge is great in a lot of ways, but that “tiger blood” sensation never really kicked in for me. Most days right now consist of going to work, coming home, and collapsing. Even at work, I never feel at the top of my game. So, my workouts are suffering. I’ll address more on all of this in tomorrow’s update post, but suffice it to say, this reset is impacting me in ways I don’t love.

That said, I’m still proud of the one workout I did get in. It was only once, but it is better than nothing. Progress, not perfection.

progress not perfection

January 23-29, 2017

Wednesday: biked 7.0 miles (30 minutes; 14mph). Getting going was hard, as my legs felt like lead, but I found a good rhythm about ten minutes in. I hoped to get in a few more miles, but honestly felt really great and wanted to end on a good now.

Literally every other day: nothing.


Cycling: 7.0 miles for the week (35.14 miles for 2017)
Running: 0.0 miles for the week (15.22 miles for 2017)
Yoga: 0 classes for the week (3 classes for 2017)
Rest: 6 days (17 days for 2017)

This Week’s Goals

+Cycling: 2 time, logging at least 20 miles
+Running: 3 times, logging at least 10 miles
+Yoga: 1 class
+Strength training: at least two BODYSHRED workouts

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