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Thank you to everyone who has served, is serving, and will serve our country. Your efforts, bravery, and courage are appreciated today and everyday!


Did anyone else make a wish at 11:11 am this morning?  I had an alarm set and everything – and I still managed to miss it!  All of a sudden, I looked at my clock and it was 11:14!  I’d tell you what I would have wished for, but then I’d have to kill you!  😉

My stomach was NOT happy with me after working out last night!  After I got home, I waited awhile to see if the nausea would calm down but it didn’t and finally I got to the point where I knew I had to eat something.

After staring blankly into the pantry, then the fridge, the back to the pantry (and so on) for a solid ten minutes, I finally dug out a package of PowerBar ProteinPlus Bites I had gotten as a sample ages ago and just never got around to eating.

I don’t know if it was the protein or just food in general, but I was starting to feel a little better almost immediately!  As for the Bites, they were so-so.  They had a good flavor, but they were crazy difficult to chew.  In all fairness to the PowerBar people though, that could likely be the fact that the “best when eaten by” date on the package was in mid-September.

I was exhausted from my early wake-up call and in bed early.  It was lovely and much needed.

This morning’s breakfast was Fancy Coffee Friday!  I swung into Starbucks for one of my last Pumpkin Spice lattes of the season – after Thanksgiving, it’s all about the Peppermint Mocha!  The holiday cups are out for this season and I love them!  They’re such fun compared to the plain white cups the rest of the year.


While I might be excited for the holiday cups and Christmas music, I am far from excited for snow and Grand Rapids saw its first flakes yesterday!  Winter is coming, like it or not!

Let’s be clear about one thing though:  I’m never ready for snow.  I don’t care when the first snowfall is, I’m not a fan!  (And yet, I continue to live in Michigan…)

I had part of my lunch a bit early, just a simple almond butter and strawberry jam sandwich.

I have more for later, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  My stomach still feels a bit iffy from last night.





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