putting the scale away (for now).

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 11.18.14

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Just about a year ago, I got on the scale which has been part of my morning routine for years now and I was so frustrated when the number that popped up was back into the 170s. I know for some people, that number is not a big deal or would be cause for celebration. And, there was a time in this journey when I did celebrate the 170s! But, what I saw that day was the number creeping back up, slowly but surely. If I could get back into the 170s, things could keep going until I was right back where I started in 2006. And that freaked the hell out of me. So, I recommitted to my weight loss efforts for about the billionth time.

Over the course of the year, I haven’t lost the weight I had hoped and it hasn’t been an easy road by any means. I’ve had days (and weeks and months) where I struggled to keep up the motivation and to not eat all the food. But, I think that’s a normal struggle anyone trying to lose weight faces and I didn’t beat myself up for it, which was a huge change. Even with those times of struggle, I noticed my body changing, drastically in those first few months (through the holidays no less) and a bit more subtle as time went on.

one year weight loss progress

The last time I hopped on the scale, I was at 159, marking a loss of 11.8 pounds in a year! Naturally, I would have loved for that number of pound lost to be larger but I will absolutely take it because it’s progress in the right direction.

Yet, more important that the change on the scale is the change I’ve found inside of myself. I feel increasingly comfortable and happy in my own body. I can consistently run faster and I’m spending so much more time on my yoga mat than ever before. I feel stronger and more flexible. My clothes are fitting better, to the point that I need to go buy new pants for work. I tried this weekend, but I was between sizes at every store I visited – one size was too big and the next size down was just a little too tight. I’ll try again in a month and hopefully that little too tight will be just right. On the weeks when my weight did increase in the last couple of months, it didn’t freak me out the way it used to. In fact, it has been a couple of weeks since I even stepped on the scale. So, this weekend I made a change and put the scale away. It’s not the first time that’s happened and I’m not quite ready to add it to the Goodwill donation pile. But for now, the freedom from that number is, well, freeing.

While there’s still weight I would to lose, I’m not willing to play the mind games with the scale any more. It is no longer a healthy or helpful tool in my journey. For the first time in, I think, my whole adult life, I am comfortable where I am at on my weight loss journey. I am a-okay with my weight and that is something I have never said. If I lose a bit more, awesome, but if not and this is where my body is happy? That’s cool, too. The thing is, I know what to do and how to go about losing the weight, but somehow the scale always seems to mess with me, bringing down my self esteem, shifting my priorities away from eating well and moving more. That last part is ironic, isn’t it? It’s what happens though and I’ve seen it play out time and time again. At least through the holiday season, my goal is to not worry about the scale and just enjoy life. Eat some pumpkin pie, but mostly salads and good choices like that. Fit in exercise when I can, but not at the sacrifice of time with my loved ones. Maybe I’ll pull that scale out from its current hiding spot in the linen closet come January and maybe I won’t. Either way, I think I’m okay with that.


2014 workouts, week 46.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 11.17.14

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I had a couple really solid weeks of workouts and this week was good overall, but the motivation was lacking. Monday included a minor car accident (true story:  I hit an ottoman that was randomly in the middle of the expressway.) and two friends who each lost a parent to cancer, so I found myself in a funk most of the week; add some lack of sleep and PMS in there, and you’ve got a recipe for an emotional meltdown which finally happened on Sunday with me on the phone to my mom and one of my sisters crying about how much I don’t like my cat and I want to give him back (another story for another day).

last week's workouts

monday. ran 3 miles (9:54 pace). I ran at lunch and spent most of time time weaving back and forth on various bridges through the city that span over the Grand River. So, you know, three miles of small hills. I was supposed to go to yoga in the evening, but spent most of the class on the phone with my insurance company getting the claim started.

tuesday. swam for 45 minutes. I had my third swimming lesson and we worked on kicking because I continue to struggle with that and flip turns because I have no idea how to do them, and I know it will save me time and energy when I do laps if I can figure it out.

wednedsay. ran 4 miles (10:22 pace). For the first time in months, I ran the Reeds Lake route which is one of my favorite running spots in all of West Michigan.

thursday. ran 3 miles (11:10 pace). My first snowy run of the season! I forgot how much different running in snow is – holy cow, a serious challenge. My legs were on fiyah by the time I finished! My only goal for this run was to just get the miles in. I knew my pace would be slower as I adjusted.

friday. rest day, minus lots of walking in my fancy boots with heels which wasn’t planned.

saturday. a 2 hour inversion workshop at my yoga studio. We worked on things like headstands and handstands, and it was equal parts awesome and frustrating.

i love yoga

For the first time ever, I was able to pull myself up into headstand with just using core strength (rather than kicking up into the pose). I was really frustrated working on handstands, though, since I clearly lack the shoulder strength for those poses. We also spent a little time working on transitioning from a flipped dog/wild thing pose into wheel which I just could not do for the life of me. Ultimately, it was a really great way to spend a couple hours of my Saturday focusing on poses I otherwise wouldn’t.

sunday. biked 2 miles (warm-up) and New Rules of Lifting for Women, workout 1A.6. I was crazy sore from my inversion workshop and had zero desire to go workout, but I’m glad I did because it did help me feel less sore. I’m still lifting relatively lighter, but added a little bit of weight to each move in this set.


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fitness changed me for the better.


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2014 workouts, week 45.


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what we do.

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reading list, volume 45.


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a sweaty holiday season.


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