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(I hesitated to publish this post because I feel like once I write the whole story out, I sound like a careless runner. But, the story I share below all happened in a matter of seconds, faster than I think myself or the driver involved really had time to think twice. So, while this story may reflect poorly on me, I think it’s an important reminder for both athletes and drivers, so here goes…)

In recent months, two cyclists in the Grand Rapids area were killed when they were hit by cars. As a result, I’ve been particularly on edge while I’ve been out on my bike ever since. To be clear, I always try to pay attention to my surroundings, but I’ve just stepped up my game. While I was out for a run tonight, I was reminded just how important it is to be just as aware while running.

running shoes

It’s one of those stories that’s hard to explain without the visuals to go with it, but I’ll try! When I was less than half a mile from home, I came up to an intersection where the small road came to a T with the main road which I was running along (I was on the sidewalk, not the road itself). I could see there was a car pulling up to the stop sign, so I slowed down a beat to see what the driver was doing, as is my usual practice. The driver came to a complete stop a comfortable distance back from the stop sign and left plenty of room for me to keep going, which are the usual indications that the driver is going to let a runner pass. I made eye contact with the driver (or so I thought) and then started picking the pace back up. Once I was right in front of the car, the driver started to completely floor it onto the main road! At the closest point, there couldn’t have been more than an inch between me and the front of the car. Thankfully, there was enough space between myself and the car, and I was paying enough attention, that I just barely got past the car in time and nothing serious happened! Yet, it was not without a rapid jump in my heart rate!

To be clear:  I am well aware I, as the pedestrian, am not completely innocent in this situation and should have taken more precautions. I could have gone around the back of the car or stopped until they drove through. I could have handled it differently, but what happened is what happened. Next time, I’ll definitely approach a similar situation with more caution. I’m just thankful that it was me in front of that car, not a little kid or something like that!

Moral of the story? Be aware of your surroundings while you’re out running, walking, cycling, etc. The same is true (perhaps even more so!) while you’re driving. Don’t zone out and lose yourself in the rhythm of whatever it is you are doing. Watch the cars and don’t assume that drivers are going to do what you think they’re going to do. Keep the volume in your headphones down so you can hear what’s going on around you. Put your damn phone down while you’re driving a moving vehicle. Be on guard and ready to react to any circumstances because the scary thing is that something cam happen to even the most alert, aware athlete or driver out on the roads. All I know that if I had been less aware of my surroundings, there could have been a different ending to this story.


2014 workouts, week 42.

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last week's workouts

monday.ran 3 miles (11:36 pace). I struggled with breathing and a side stitch for the majority of this run. I got the side stitch right around the first mile and could never quite get rid of it. There were a lot of walking breaks, but knowing that I’m still in a “rebuilding” phase, I’m particularly okay with that.

tuesday. yoga with a kick (60 minutes). It was one of those classes where I felt like the most uncoordinated, unbalanced person in the history of yoga! I’m sure things were not as bad as I thought they were, but I felt like such a goofball the entire time! I was very thankful to be next to a wall, so I had something to help me regain my balance time and time again!

wednesday. ran 5.5 miles (10:50 pace). I got this idea in my head that I really wanted to see what I could do given an hour. My original plan was really to run for the first 30ish minutes (or however long 3 miles took) and then do some light intervals for the remainder of the time. What happened was that I felt really awesome after the 30 minutes came and went, so I kept running. I had it in me to push the pace more than I did, but this was by far my longest run since I got hurt, so I very intentionally held back.

thursday. rest day. Guess who had an angry IT band the day after running more than she should have?! This girl. It really wasn’t as bad as it could have been, thankfully, but enough to remind me I don’t have to be a hero.

friday. hot and heavy yoga (75 minutes).  I had a new instructor for this class and as I was leaving, she said that I have a “beautiful practice” – it was so encouraging!

saturday. rest day. Holy crap on a cracker, I was crazy sore from my yoga class! In hindsight, I probably would have really benefited from a light workout, but I took it as a rest day.

sunday. biked 8 miles (15.7 mph) + New Rules of Lifting for Women, workout 1A.1. After spending a good majority of the day throwing myself a pity party that I wasn’t running the Grand Rapids Marathon, I finally forced myself to stop the (proverbial) ears and start the sweat. I biked for just over 30 minutes and then picked up some weight for the first time since my IT band syndrome flare-up in the sprint.

stop crying, start sweating.

Maybe this will be the time I finally get through NROLFW?!


workout mix: fall 2014.


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Over the past 1.5ish weeks, I’ve taken a bit of a step back from the blogosphere – I hardly logged into my own site and rarely checked feedly. It was really refreshing. I love blogging, the community I’ve created because of it, the opportunities it’s created for me, and so much more. But, sometimes a […]

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2014 workouts, week 39.


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when you’re a dreamer.

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