#26point2lbs: week 6.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 07.22.15

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I just wanted to pop in with a quick update for this week!

Last week: 165.6
This week: 166.4
Change from last week: +0.8
Total lost (since June 10): +1.8

Honestly, I was expecting a gain this week. Last week’s weigh in had me down 3.6 pounds, and historically, almost every time I have a bigger week like that, I gain a little of it back. My guess is those bigger weeks are often a fair amount of water weight, but I can’t be sure. The weird thing is that even though my weight really hasn’t changed since this latest effort towards my goal weight launched last month, I’m feeling a difference in my body. Maybe it’s all in my head, but I feel like things are changing for the positive and the scale is going to start showing that soon. It almost makes me weirdly excited to take progress pictures in two weeks, just to see if there is a visible change.


I’ll be honest, the highlight of my week was the waffle cone I treated myself to on Sunday, in celebration of National Ice Cream Day. Ice cream is honestly one of my favorite treats, especially this time of year. There’s something so refreshing and delightful about that sweet, creamy piece of heaven on a hot summer day.

One thing that I’m finding myself improving on is taking the time to enjoy and savor my food, to eat it slowly. The same is true of drinks, too. I was always a fast eater, and my college years really solidified that habit, trying to grab a quick meal in between classes or before rushing to work. But, in working to break that habit, I’m cherishing my mealtimes so much more. The food is a meal in the truest sense of the word. It’s also allowing my brain and my stomach time to catch up to each other, to realize I’m comfortably full while there’s still food on my plate.

None of this is a groundbreaking idea, to be clear, but knowing things to be true and putting them into practice are not always the same thing, especially when old habits die hard.


2015 workouts, week 29.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 07.21.15

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last week's workouts

In what’s become the ongoing saga, this week’s update on my hip is that I feel like I’m moving in the right direction. I had some days where my body felt back to a relative normal, and admittedly, that may have led me to overdo things, because I had other days where I was in terrible pain. But, I’m taking the good days and focusing on those. I am so far behind in marathon training it’s not even funny, so these fall races aren’t going to be pretty, but I’m trying not to be discouraged. Should I run them? Questionable. But, I’m too stubborn to throw in the towel quite yet, especially for the New York Marathon. All in all, I’m feeling positive and that’s a good place to be.

Monday. ran 3 miles (10:30 pace). A pretty uneventful run overall, but it was quite humid (relatively speaking. Sorry, Floridians.). I was feeling much less pain that I have in awhile.

Tuesday. yoga with a kick (60 minutes). I swear this class gets more awesomely challenging every week, especially when you throw a different teacher into the mix. We did this class a bit more more circuit-style and with each circuit, Megan gave two or three layers of difficulty, allowing us to each go to our own strengths. Although I took the easiest option a few times, especially near the end of class, I generally tried to challenge myself with the more middle of the road difficulty. The most difficult options required so much balance that it slowed me down and with only sixty seconds for each circuit, I wanted to get the best workout.

Wednesday. rest day. I took one of my nephews out for dinner and to see Minions (verdict: cute! If you like Despicable Me, you’ll like this. And, if you haven’t see Despicable Me, what are you waiting for? Go watch it. It’s great!)

Thursday. ran 3 miles (10:05 pace). This is where I think I overdid it. I had almost no pain and ran the entire thing without a walking break (which hasn’t happened in awhile now). As a result, my average pace was noticeably faster than it has been recently. It felt so great at the time and the excitement about how I was feeling definitely helped carry me through those brief flickers of pain. I really did feel about 99% pain free, which was a refreshing change of pace. I truly do think that while I still have bad days, I’m on the right side of recovery. Runs like this show me that (I think) I’m right.

Friday. yoga (30ish minutes). I spent some time on the mat and just did my own thing, focusing a lot on hip opening poses because I was so excited about my awesome run on Thursday that I forgot to stretch, and I paid for it. Oops. On the bright side, it was a good reminder and I’ve put even more focus on stretching and foam rolling since. It’s encouraging that I feel so comfortable in my practice that I can flow for half an hour, without guidance. I should do it more often.

Saturday. a little of a lot of things. I went to the gym and felt a little like a lost puppy. I went in without a plan and it showed. I just felt meh and unmotivated about any modality I was doing. I started with a DailyBurn dance video, which I usually love, and ten minutes in realized I wasn’t feeling that. I walked on the treadmill for awhile while I regrouped, and did some weights before calling it a day.


Sunday. walked 30 minutes. I was moving pretty slow as my hip was pretty angry, but I knew that movement would help in the long run, so I threw on a podcast and got out the door. Plus, it’s summer and I know in about six months I’ll be really sad when it’s not freaking gorgeous, sunny, and hot, so I try to get outside as much as I can. Michigan summers are a fleeting blessing, and I want to soak it in.

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