marathoner (finally).

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 05.23.15

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I’ll be back with a full race recap in the next couple of days, but had to check in a share that I am finally a MARATHONER!!

I could not be more overjoyed to finally cross this off my bucket list!

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review: Paper Towns.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 05.20.15

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Knowing the movie adaptation is releasing later this year, I wanted to read John Green’s Paper Towns before seeing the movie.

paper towns

Quentin Jacobsen is one of the nerdier kids in his school and has longed over his neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman, since they were children. As kids, they were friends, but grew apart with age. One night, Margo drags Quentin on an all-night adventure, mostly seeking revenge. Margo’s fiesty and adventurous spirit drags Quentin far out of his comfort zone, but he is also very drawn to her energy.

Then, Margo disappears.

Everyone is convinced she’ll return when she’s ready, but Quentin finds clues he believes she left specifically for him, and that he has to find her. He slowly pieces together the clues leading to her whereabouts, and finds himself on one wild goose chase after another, often dragging his friends into it.

While it was ultimately an enjoyable story, it felt remarkably similar to Looking for Alaska. Although I enjoyed both stories, I preferred Alaska more, likely just because I read it first. I honestly found Quentin’s two best friends to be two of my favorite characters in the book, and his relationship with them most engaging. All that said, if you have yet to read one of Green’s novels, do so now, but start with The Fault in Our Stars because I fully believe it is his best work.

3 out of 5 stars.

Book 16 of 52 read in 2015 (see the full list).

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marathon week: 5 things I’m doing for 26.2 success.


Disclaimer:  this post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. Ahhhh!! It’s officially here:  MARATHON WEEK! Well, the first one of 2015. I’ll go through it all again later this year (for which I am super freaking pumped). With just days until 26.2, I wanted to share five things I’m really focusing on to prepare myself mentally […]

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2015 workouts, week 20.


IT’S MARATHON WEEK!!! Holy crap on a cracker, it’s just days away. There’s so much more to say about that, so let’s save that for another day, shall we? For now, just a look back at last week. I ended up taking one more rest day than I planned, but I’ve been completely and utterly […]

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life wisdom from Denzel Washington.


Last weekend, Denzel Washington gave the commencement address at Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. His brief speech, just about ten minutes long, was deeply powerful. He admitted his own struggles as a college student, flunking out with a 1.7 GPA. Although I graduated college several years ago, I found his speech to ring true. […]

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2015 workouts, week 19.


This week, my hip was feeling better than it had in quite a few weeks. Knowing that I had a 25k at the end of the week and the marathon is coming up incredibly fast, I was very intentional about taking things easy this week, in hopes of feeling close to 100% healthy again before […]

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race recap: River Bank Run 25k.


Despite this being the fourth year I’ve run this particular race (and 7th time total for the River Bank Run – the 5k once and the 10k twice!), my anxiety was sky-high for most of the week. Between the hip issues plaguing me for the previous several weeks to the forecast (warm and rainy (read: humid!) […]

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get minted.


Disclaimer:  Minted provided me store credit in exchange for a site review; as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I was really excited to learn about Minted, a really fun site with lots of options for custom, beautiful art pieces, invitations, holiday cards and so much more. It’s really impressive all of the […]

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review: Four (A Divergent Story Collection).


As I’ve read all three books in the Divergent trilogy, I was excited to read Four, a collection of stories from Four’s perspective. There are, naturally, four stories in this collection spanning a two-year time frame. The stories start much where Tris’ did – around the choosing ceremony when Tobias must choose his future faction. Born into […]

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2015 workouts, week 18.


I made a slow, cautious return to running this past week, my first real run since the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon two weeks ago. Well, I tried running a few days after the race and I stopped after a mile. Saturday was supposed to be my peak long run mileage before the marathon (now less […]

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