Seeing These Numbers For the First Time.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 06.16.16

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done my weigh-in post. In truth, it felt a little anticlimactic to share them. Maintaining one week and gaining the next aren’t really the things you want to share when you write a blog with a bend towards weight loss.

Last weigh-in (May 26):  174.4
June 2: 174.4 (+/-0)
June 9: 176.0 (+1.6)
This week: 173.8 (-2.2)
Pounds to goal: 40.8

But, the reality is, those were the numbers and it does happen to every single person on a weight loss journey. I’ve decided two things this week that are helping to reframe my motivation.

First, and perhaps most importantly, is that I’m changing the way I see these numbers and this progress as if I’m seeing them for the first time. I started this journey ten years ago. I reached my lowest weight seven years ago. There has been a lot of fluctuation since that time. That fluctuation is where I’m realizing that I’ve lost a lot of my focus and determination. It’s hard to get excited about being down a total of sixty pounds, which is actually where I was at yesterday, when I’ve been there, done that many times before.

I was so pleased with that number yesterday that I decided it called for pulling out one of my favorite dresses, one that makes me feel good in my own skin, confident. Maybe even a little skinny.

weight loss june 16

It dawned on me, in that moment when I felt so good and so proud of what I’ve accomplished in the last few months (down almost ten pounds since the end of March!). Since day one, way back in September 2006, I’ve had a goal of losing a total of one hundred pounds. It sounded like a cool, super impressive number, and it would also put me smack dab in the middle of a “healthy” weight for my height. In March 2009, I was fifteen pounds away. Every since then, my mindset has just been, I need to get back to that lowest weight and I’ll see where things are from there. There is less motivation in that way of thinking. It’s hard to stay as inspired when I’m just trying to slog back to where I was.

Instead, I am going to start approaching this time around as if it were the first time around. There’s more excitement in seeing that total loss of sixty pounds with new eyes. It’s easier to turn down the treats with the energy I had the first time. I’m more laser-focused when I think about this as a fresh, new, exciting journey.

I’ve been doing this for ten years and am stuck in the same cycle of lose, then gain, then lose again. It’s not giving me the same drive as I once had. That should come as a surprise to nobody. It’s, in fact, the opposite of motivating to be right back where I was for what feels like the hundredth time.

Obviously, I know that I have, in fact, done this before. I’ve watched the sixty pound milestone that I reached yesterday come and go. I can’t erase the past and simply forget where I was. Nor do I want to. I’m proud of my journey thus far. Losing weight has given me so much in return, and for that, I’m forever grateful. Rather, I’m using this new beginnings mindset to channel that same desire and passion I had when I was fifteen pounds away from my goal. I got so close because I was that much more determined than I have been lately.

The other change I’m making is by giving myself more daily accountability on Instagram (@grmindyjean). For a month or so, I’ve been following another weight loss Instagrammer (theveganwallflower) and I’ve been inspired by her journey to lose one hundred pounds in a year! On her daily posts, she starts out with her progress for the day of how much weight she has lost. I love the accountability of that. Even though it goes against all the weight loss advice you ever hear, I do get on the scale daily because it’s what works for me.

So, why not use that as a level of public accountability for my own journey? It’s one thing to get on the scale every day and have that number for myself. Knowing what I eat and how I move today is likely going to impact what the scale says tomorrow or the next day will, I hope, help me make better decisions when I know I’m sharing that number in a public forum. That’s not to say that I’ll never make the indulgent choice because I know I will. But, for this point in my journey, I hope that sharing my day-to-day progress will keep me more accountable to my daily choices. And, if it encourages someone else along the way, all the better.


Workout Recap: Week of June 6, 2016.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 06.14.16

in Last Week's Workouts

This week was weird. I had some days were I felt really solid and other days where I felt like I was just starting my fitness journey. My proudest moment of the week was finishing a triathlon that I was incredibly undertrained for, but still having fun during the race. Since I wasn’t it it to win (obviously) or even to PR, having fun and enjoying the morning was truly my priority. Well, fun (check!) and crossing the finish line (check!).

Monday. ran 3.1 miles (39:07 total; 12:37/mile). I had a case of food poisoning Sunday night and my stomach was still a bit hit or miss, so I opted for a treadmill run. (You know, just so I had a bathroom nearby. Just in case. That awkward moment.) I felt really solid for the first two miles and then things fell apart. I couldn’t run for more than a minute without horrible side cramps and forced me to slow down, and at one point, completely stop. I wanted nothing more than to give up, but I wasn’t going to start marathon training on that note.

survived that run

Tuesday. rest day. I had a big event to attend after work and knew it was going to be a late night, so I opted not to try and squeeze something in. That ended up being a good call, because I was exhausted as it was by the time I got home! So much so that I collapsed into bed without brushing my teeth, which very rarely happens.

Wednesday. biked 11.55 miles (45:00 total; 15.4 mph) + ran 3.1 miles (33:54 total; 10:56/mile). I wanted one last really solid workout before the upcoming triathlon. Although I should have gotten outside, I wanted the extra motivation of having people around me at the gym. Sometimes, it’s just a little easier to push yourself harder when there are lots of people around!

awesome brick workout

Thursday. ran 3.0 miles (43:17 total; 14:26/mile). I felt really amazing for the first time, a little less the second, and was completely miserable the third. We’re talking, I called my mom just to be on the phone with someone in case I passed out kind of miserable.

Friday. rest day. It was glorious.

Saturday. ran 1.5 miles + walked 2.5 miles (56:38 total; 14:10/mile). I usually don’t do anything super strenuous before a big race, but I had a lot of nervous energy to burn off! I knew that running too much would hurt me for the next day’s race, so I opted for a shorter shake out run and some walking because it was a gorgeous day. I just wanted to be outside and active!

Sunday. swam 600 meters (3:38/100m) + biked 12.4 miles (14.6 mph) + ran 3.1 miles (12:24/mile). I completed the Grand Rapids Triathlon!

grand rapids triathlon finisher medal

I need to learn to be a better swimmer before my next triathlon. Perhaps I should actually spend some time swimming, eh?


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