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by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 02.11.16

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Over the last few months, many of the bloggers I’ve read for years are hanging up their blogging hats and writing a farewell post. For one reason or another, it was the end of an era in their lives. While I’m sad that these women will no longer have a regular presence in the healthy living blogosphere, I respect that they know when it’s time to close a chapter in their lives.

Yet, I was a little jealous of their newfound freedom. This blog has been a part of my life for almost six (!!!) years now and while I love it dearly, there are times where it was feeling a bit stale. The excitement that blogging once had in my life faded in time. My posts were further and farther between over the last year; I felt like I was just going through the motions. I couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, it was time to join the ranks and end this chapter of my life.

It was an idea I toyed with, off and on, for several months. A few times I sat down to write my own “farewell” post, but the words never flowed and it didn’t feel quite right. I found myself in a stalemate. It dawned on me one day recently that the reasons why I was blogging had changed and not for the better.

I was caught up in the numbers game, reading monthly income reports from bloggers that share that information and feeling bummed because I was nowhere near where they were. I would see how many followers people had on various social media accounts and feel like a loser because I couldn’t garner even a tenth of those numbers. This person’s new design was so fresh and clean, where mine felt stale. I was emulating the style of others in hopes of seeing some of that success for my own site. I spent time figuring out ways to make posts pinnable and increasing my Facebook reach, and that became more of a focus than the content itself. It’s not a mindset that changed overnight, but little by little as healthy living blogging became more of an industry, as a whole.

None of that is why I started just a one girl revolution. None of that was why I loved blogging for so many years. And while those numbers do have their value, I was letting them define my own success (or, lack thereof, as it felt like). The advice I always give new bloggers is to write in your own voice and I think I had lost my own in the process.

I started blogging because I wanted to share my story about weight loss and a former fat girl finding her way on a healthier, happier life. I always felt that if I had inspired just one person with my journey, then this little blog had served its purpose. I know I’ve done that because people have made me cry when they told me I inspired them. From the bottom of my heart, I’m forever thankful for that. The opportunities this blog has afforded me have been mind blowing and I now have friends all over the country (maybe even the world. At least as far as Canada.) because of sharing my story on the Internet.

This was almost a farewell post, but perhaps it’s a new era for just a one girl revolution., rather than the end of something that has meant so much to me. Both as a blogger and on my health journey, I’ve come a really long way since my first post in May 2010. I’m not publishing daily posts sharing what I ate that day (can we all get an amen that trend passed?) and when I first started writing, I hadn’t even run my first half marathon. Now, I’m a marathoner.

So, this isn’t a goodbye post. It’s a declaration that I’m back to the starting point of writing for me. This little corner is truly important to me and once again, I’m blogging for me, but taking a page from Carla’s book and doing it unapologetically. If I inspire people along the way, the journey is that much sweeter.


Lent 2016: A Season to Change Habits.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 02.10.16

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I didn’t grow up Catholic, but the church I attend observes the Lenten season and the traditions behind it, including an Ash Wednesday service this morning. The practice of giving something up from Ash Wednesday until Easter isn’t something I always do because I don’t want to give something up just for the sake of giving something up. If it’s a practice I’m going to honor, I want to consider the why behind my actions.

lent 2016

Each year, I put some real thought into the season and how I want upcoming forty days to shape and change me. Some years, that’s resulted in not giving up (or adding in!) anything because I can’t settle on something that will have meaning. This year, as I approach the ten year mark of starting this healthy living journey, I continued to come back to one central thought.

While I have drastically improved my eating habits over the last decade, one thing I still struggle with on a very regular basis is emotional and mindless eating and drinking.

The doughnut in the office break room because it’s there, not because I truly want it in that moment. The glass of wine after a stressful day of work. The box of Kraft macaroni and cheese or the carton of Ben & Jerry’s because I’m feeling overly emotional and need some comfort food.

I’m not saying that these are always a bad thing, but they are habits that I’ve struggled with for my entire life. You don’t get to 233 pounds because you reach for carrots as a coping mechanism. I considered giving up sweets and alcohol, often my triggers, but I realized that wouldn’t necessarily change anything in the long run. It would simply be an issue of not having them in my life for a few weeks. Anybody can do that if they want to.

My intention for this Lenten season isn’t to never have a glass of wine after a long, hard day again. Let’s be honest, I’ve got a bit of Olivia Pope in me and I will always be okay with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of red being my dinner every now and again.

No, I’m using it as a chance to, for forty days, really think about why I’m eating the things I’m eating, drinking the things I’m drinking. To better utilize other methods to deal with my emotions, such as journaling and meditation. To take a minute and think about the food I often mindlessly eat, to question if it’s something I really want in that moment. I’m approaching Lent 2016 as a season to change some habits that are deeply engrained and I’m hoping that come Easter Sunday, I’ve had the opportunity to truly do some reflection and positive change in this area of my life.

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