2014 workouts, week 47.

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last week's workouts

I had several really solid weeks of workouts in a row, and this last week was an unplanned “step back” week. Life got in the way, as it sometimes does. The workouts I did fit in, I honestly didn’t enjoy, which is a bit rare for me. While it wasn’t the strongest week for me, it was still better than nothing and makes me appreciate the weeks where I feel totally on point that much more!

monday. Bob Harper Cardio Conditioning DVD (60 minutes). Holy crap on a cracker, this workout was no joke. All I have at home in terms of weights in a pair of five-pound dumbbells and there were many times throughout the course of the workout that I had to drop them and just go with bodyweight. Bob, you’re an evil, evil man.

tuesday. rest day. I planned on running and strength training, but our first winter storm came through and it made for a treacherous commute home. After 45 minutes of trying to get my car un-stuck (twice!) and a drive that took twice as long as it should have, I went home and curled up with a glass of wine.

wednesday. ran 3 miles (10:50 pace). I opted for the treadmill and it was rough.

thursday. rest/sick day. I was home with a migraine and down for the count pretty much all day long. I rallied enough to go pick my cat up from the vet, but otherwise chilled in bed all day.

friday. rest day. Just because it’s my usual rest day.

saturday. ran 4 miles (11:35 pace). I had 8 miles on my schedule, but running in the snow/slush/ice trashed my legs. Once I hit 2 miles, I knew I didn’t have the full 8 in me so I turned around for home. While I knew I should have done more, I think I made the right call.

15k training

sunday. yoga with a kick (60 minutes). Sometimes, I feel like I’m not completely uncoordinated in this class, and this was one of those instances (for the most part). A great workout all around!


our fears, our lives.

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Judy Blume quotes

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putting the scale away (for now).


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2014 workouts, week 46.


I had a couple really solid weeks of workouts and this week was good overall, but the motivation was lacking. Monday included a minor car accident (true story:  I hit an ottoman that was randomly in the middle of the expressway.) and two friends who each lost a parent to cancer, so I found myself in […]

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fitness changed me for the better.


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2014 workouts, week 45.


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what we do.

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