2015 workouts, week 15.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 04.14.15

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This week felt like a huge step in the wrong direction in my training. I keep reminding myself that it’s only a bump in the road, but hip pain kept me voluntarily sidelined the entire week. With less than six weeks until race day, missing an entire week of running feels a bit insurmountable. I know it’s not and I need to trust the miles I’ve logged thus far, but it has really messed with my head in a major way. Couple that with starting this week feeling very under the weather and it’s stressing me out in a real big way.

I work with a bunch of doctors and got some free medical advice in the middle part of the week, with an unofficial diagnosis of piriformis syndrome. Essentially, it’s the same issue as my IT band, just with a different muscle being too tight. I did get the okay to keep running as long as there wasn’t any pain, so that was a huge relief. Walking felt good and so I opted to log some miles that way throughout the week. It’s not the same, but certainly better than nothing.

Monday. walked 1.5 miles (lunch) + 1.25 miles (evening).

Tuesday. walked 2.0 miles.

Wednesday. walked 1.5 miles. I’ve been keeping up with my daily yoga challenge on Intsagram and found that reverse triangle felt really amazing on my hip!

yoga reverse triangle

Thursday. ran 1.0 mile + biked 4.36 miles. I decided to give running a try and quickly realized I wasn’t actually ready for it yet. I ran about 3/4 of a mile and walked the rest before jumping on a bike for 20 minutes. I did some strength training to round things out, focusing on my legs and glutes.

happy to be at the gym

While it wasn’t quite the workout of my dreams, it felt really amazing to get in something more than walking! I was a happy camper to be back at the gym.

Friday. rest day. I had a massage in the evening with a heavy emphasis on my piriformis and IT bands. I think it helped?

Saturday. yoga (hot and heavy, 75 minutes) + walked 2.5 miles. I decided to swap my long run and yoga days so that I could do a bit more stretching after my massage. Naturally, I pulled a muscle in my back during class, but that was feeling better by the time I woke up on Sunday morning.

Sunday. walked 3.0 miles. I ultimately decided to take a full week off from running, realizing that jumping back in with a long run was probably not the best thing I could do for myself, especially on the first day in over a week that nothing was hurting.

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stay inspired.

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