2014 workouts, week 37.

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last week's workouts

monday. 60 minutes yoga (hot and heavy) + 1.7 mile walk. Andi and I both had the day off, so we started with some yoga, then headed to brunch. Pretty much the most epic way to spend your Monday morning, if I do say so myself. Later in the evening, I got out of the house for a 30 minute walk just to stretch my legs for a bit.

tuesday. 60 minutes yoga + 1.75 mile walk. I’ve been doing a pretty poor job lately of getting away from my desk at lunch, but I forced myself to do just that in the midst of a really busy day. Once I got back to work, I felt refreshed and ready to face the rest of the day head on! I need to be better about taking some time for myself mid-day because it really does make a huge difference! After work, I went to yoga; I had a Groupon for the Funky Buddha that was about to expire, so went back to that studio for the first time in awhile.

grand rapids 6th street bridge

wednesday. rest day.

thursday. biked 8 miles (16.4 mph). I didn’t do a great job scheduling my day and had a dinner with my niece that I wasn’t planning on pop up (and I cherish the chance to hang out with my favorite munchkins, so I don’t pass that up), so I ended up at the gym at 10:30 at night. I was super proud for still prioritizing it, even if it was past my bedtime. For whatever reason, I was charged up and really pushed myself during this ride!

friday. 60 minutes yoga (glowga). At Twisted Hot Yoga, they introduced a new class to the schedule – GLOWGA (aka glow in the dark yoga). There were black lights, a disco ball, and glow necklaces. While my yoga form may not have been at its finest, but I had so much fun!


saturday. biked 10 miles (13.4 mph). I had about zero desire to get out, but I am increasingly looking at triathlons for 2015, so I need to spend some time in the saddle while the roads and weather still allow it! I know that soon enough, the gross Michigan winter will hit and I’ll be forced to ride inside. Enjoy it while you can, Mindy. Once I got out on the road, particularly a nice, open stretch of trail, I was glad to be out there. I even had a deer run across the trail at one point, probably no more than ten feet away! It was a fun surprise, even if it did startle me!

indian mounds bike ride

sunday. 60 minutes yoga (yoga with a kick). I had registered for a 5k, but my IT band was really hurting when I got up and moving, so I bailed. I hated wasting the registration fee, but knew that I was making the right decision in the long run (pun intended).


twosday, volume 65.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 09.09.14

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twosday graphic

what’s making me happy this week.

1. My container garden ended up not being quite as successful as I had hoped, but I was thrilled to walk out Sunday afternoon and see a tomato growing! It might ultimately be the only tomato that plant produces, but I’ll take it!


2. Sunday’s awesome run! I know I wrote about this yesterday, but for the first time since I’ve been cleared to run again, it was the first time I felt like I might actually get that piece of me back and I am overjoyed. I’m starting to think about distances races for 2015 and it’s getting me so excited!!

first 3 miler

highlights from my birthday weekend.

1. I went to my first Detroit Tigers game!!! My mom, grandma, one of my sisters, and her family ventured over to Comerica Park for the afternoon. I was over the freaking moon excited – I literally got chills walking into the stadium. The Tigs lost the game, but I did get to see three home runs (well, four if you count the one from the Giants).

first tigers game

2. I took Friday and Monday off from work to give myself a nice long weekend, and it worked out that Andi had taken Monday off as well. We went to a morning hot yoga class and then ventured out for brunch (drinks included, obviously). I’m so thankful for this girl and the fact that blogging brought her into my life!

monday brunch

television season premieres I am stoked to see.

1. Parenthood. I just freaking adore the Braverman clan and while I’m sad this is the last season for a show I have grown to deeply love, I’m excited to see how it wraps up. I think these last episodes will be tearjerkers like nothing else.

2. Scandal. I got hooked on this show over the summer, thanks to some serious Netflix binge-watching, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Pope & Associates! Seriously, where did Olivia GO?!

television series premieres I am stoked to see.

1. A to Z. I think this show could be awesome or completely tank, but I’m incredibly intrigued. I loved Cristin Milioti in HIMYM, so I’m excited to see her in a leading role.

A student of the How I Met Your Mother school of television, A to Z is a romantic comedy that chronicles a relationship from beginning to end, à la 500 Days of Summer. Mad Men‘s Ben Feldman stars (with both of his nipples!) as Andrew, a true believer in destiny and romance, while HIMYM‘s ever-charming Cristin Milioti plays the object of his affection, Zelda. (A to Z, get it?) Lenora Crichlow, Henry Zebrowski, and Christina Kirk round out the cast.

2. Mulaney. After discovering the hilarity that is John Mulaney (if you haven’t watched his comedy special, New in Town, stop what you’re doing, go to Netflix, and watch immediately), I was stoked to find out he’ll have his own show! Plus, with actors like Elliot Gould (aka Jack Gellar on Friends) and Martin Short, I think this will have me cracking up!

What’s the deal with this show? Stand-up comic and former SNL writer John Mulaney does his best Jerry Seinfeld impression as a comedian who lives and works in New York City and whose pals (Nasim Pedrad and Seaton Smith) and wacky neighbor (Elliot Gould) like to butt into his life. But John will have a more regular gig than Jerry ever did: He writes jokes for a game-show host and comedian played by Martin Short. Yada, yada, yada…

Twosday posts are inspired by my friend Heather over at Then Heather Said.


2014 workouts, week 36.


monday. ran 3 miles (10:57 pace). The first two miles felt pretty great, but the last felt really challenging. tuesday. yoga (60 minutes). I did the yoga with a kick class at Twisted Hot Yoga, but with a different instructor than last time. It was more yoga than kickboxing this time around, but still a really great […]

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start today.

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reading list, volume 41.


Our Insta-month:  August via Musings of Midwestern Girl because I can’t believe these peanuts are already a year old, and I am so, so glad I finally got to meet them (and hang out with their mom and dad again!). 3 Common Cycling Disasters (And How to Do Bike Repair) via Life by DailyBurn because […]

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Tomorrow is my 31st birthday! As I was thinking about the year ahead over these last couple of weeks, I was trying to think of all the goals I wanted to make and ambitious things I wanted to accomplish because I always want to do all the things (as evidenced by my 28th birthday goals or my 2014 […]

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something just clicked.


I haven’t done a weight loss update since the end of June and I hit a big milestone in the last couple of weeks, so it felt appropriate to check in again. Admittedly, July was a struggle and I mostly hovered in the low 160s. Near the end of that month, though, something just clicked and […]

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twosday, volume 64.


what’s making me happy this week. 1. A three-day weekend that was just the thing I needed. Plus, I took Friday and next Monday off, so I’ve got a four-day weekend coming up next weekend! August was such a busy month that it’s been really great the past few days to have time to myself. […]

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2014 workouts, week 35.


After being sick took me down for the count quite a bit of last week, I really wanted to come back swinging this week! I think I did pretty good, if I don’t say so myself! Obviously, there’s always room for improvement, but I’m also still trying to be cautious post-injury because I can definitely […]

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never too old.

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