Losing Weight and Rediscovering My Identity

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 07.21.16

in Weight Loss

I haven’t shared a weight loss update since mid-June, so this post is long overdue! I’ll start with a quick rundown of the numbers from the last few weeks, how I’m losing weight and rediscovering my identity in the process.

Last weigh-in, June 16: 173.8
June 23: (nothing recorded)
June 30: 176.6 (+2.8)
July 7: 176.0 (-0.6)
July 14: 174.2 (-1.8)
This week: 172.0 (-2.2)
Pounds to goal: 39.0

For much of the last several months, I’ve felt like my weight loss efforts were in the “two steps forward, one step back” variety. I felt stuck in a cycle where I couldn’t break free. These past few weeks, though, I feel like something changed. The things I need to do to not just lose weight, but to just be all-around healthier, are happening organically. Summer can be a double-edged sword because there’s an abundance of locally grown, fresh from the farm produce. I’m much more likely to reach for things like salads and berries this time of year. It’s hot outside and those are the foods that are refreshing. But, there’s also the temptations of ice cream and a cold beer on a patio. You know, balance.

So, I’m shedding the physical weight a bit easier right now. I feel like I’ve found a groove and it is incredibly encouraging. I’m reaching for the healthier foods and opting for smaller portions. I’m getting more physical activity each week than I have for most weeks this year, even if it is simply an evening walk. Getting back into these nutrition and fitness choices make me feel like me again.

Losing Weight and Rediscovering My Identity

With that, I’m feeling a bit more myself as a whole. I don’t quite know the words, but I felt not quite myself for months now. Thus far, 2016 has been really tough. Looking back, I think it all started late last fall at the New York City Marathon, when I didn’t cross the finish line of my dream race. I have dreamed about that race and that finish line since I started running. To DNF at that race crushed me and in hindsight, I think I struggled with it more than I realized at the time. Compound that with just some very hard realities the first half of this year and it really messed with me.

I realized in these last couple of weeks that so many of the things that bring me joy, that keep me feeling centered and whole, have faded off my radar. I’m not reading and writing nearly as much as I usually do. We’re over halfway through the year and I’ve only read seventeen books! For most people, that would be a monumental number. But, reading brings me such joy and I haven’t been doing it. Binge watching Netflix, though? I’m a champ.

I miss sitting in coffee shops and getting work done. I moved to the suburbs a couple summers ago and it doesn’t make me come alive the way city life does. For the time being, my living situation remains, but I can be more intentional about spending time in the city, even if I’m not living there. I haven’t been going to church. I choose podcasts and NPR over music the vast majority of the time, which is awesome because I love and value learning, but music and singing and dancing make me so happy, too.

As my nutrition and fitness comes back to where I know it needs to be, it’s helping align all the other parts of me. I’m realizing what’s been missing these past few months. I’m actually doing the things that make me feel centered and make me feel like the best version of myself.

I was taking a walk on my lunch break earlier this week when I noticed this graffiti that jumped out at me: chase your light. There was something about those simple words that resonated so deeply in my spirit.

chase your light

So, that’s what I’m reminding myself every day, to chase my light.

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Why I’m Attending the Summit of Greatness

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 07.20.16

in Personal Development

I’ve talked about Lewis Howes and the School of Greatness on the blog before. It is one of my favorite podcasts and I reviewed (and loved!) his first book. When he announced the inaugural Summit of Greatness a couple months ago, I was immediately intrigued (even if it is happening in the heart of Buckeye Country). I wanted to share a bit about why I am attending the Summit of Greatness!

attending the summit of greatness

I have learned and grown so much from Lewis and his podcasts guests already, that the possibility of experiencing it all live was exciting. I debated for the first month that tickets were on sale. Naturally, experiences such as this are expensive, between the ticket and everything else that comes with travel. Fortunately, Columbus is well within driving distance, so it will just a couple tanks of gas rather than airfare. Yet, there’s still the hotel, food, and all those other little things that add up. Ultimately, I knew that investing in myself would be worth it. I knew I would regret not attending. So, just before the early bird rate ended, I bought a ticket!

It promises to be a weekend of personal development that will help me grow as a person and as a budding entrepreneur with my health coaching business. I am going to be surround by like-minded people and learning from some of the leading entrepreneurial voices. I am anticipating an inspiring weekend that will allow me the opportunity to develop my business and my brand. His team just started a private Facebook group for attendees and connections are already beginning! We’ll all be old friends by the time September rolls around. Plus, I’m so excited for the opportunity to meet Lewis, someone who has been such a source of inspiration for me over the last year or so that I’ve listed to his podcast.

This week, Lewis announced that the first speaker to take the stage is chef Fabio Viviani. Fabio owns Bar Siena in Chicago. He is also the author of two cookbooks – Fabio’s American Home Kitchen and Fabio’s Italian Kitchen. He was a guest on the School of Greatness last year. I loved hearing part of his story, so I’m looking forward to hearing more. Lewis is announcing more speakers over the coming weeks and I can’t wait to see who else he’s bringing to town.

If you are interested in attending, buy a ticket before the prices go up again! I would love for you to join me for what will surely be a life-changing weekend.


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