my first swimming lesson.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 10.28.14

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While I know how to swim, more or less, it’s definitely not my strongest sport. I’ve got some big triathlon goals in mind for 2015 and I know that if I want to do well, then I need to really work on my weakest link.

The swim.

So, I enrolled in adult swimming lessons at my local YMCA. I wasn’t sure if I should go with the beginner or intermediate, so I shot over an email explaining that I can get myself from one of the the pool to the other, but I could really improve on doing so efficiently. Given that, I was pointed towards the intermediate class, since the beginner is people who don’t know how to swim at all and often includes people who are afraid of the water.

Tonight was my first class and I was honestly nervous going into it because I had no idea what to expect or if I would be in completely over my head. My class is quite small, just me and three other women. Our teacher, Jessica, started out my asking what our goals from the class were, so I explained the triathlons.

We started out with just swimming a lap of the pool, so she could see where we are each at. Two of us then started out with kickboard drills, using our legs to propel us through the water. I was absolutely terrible! I pushed myself off from the wall, made it a few feet, and then just stalled. I was kicking and kicking, but not moving anywhere! I had to stand up, push myself off the floor of the pool, and use that momentum again. After a couple laps of that, she had me switch to focusing on form with my arms for awhile because I was getting really frustrated. Of my own choosing, I ended the class with more kickboard drills because I am determined to get the hang of it, even if it is incredibly challenging! By the last lap, I felt like I was making a bit of progress, even if I was moving crazy slow through the water. At least I was actually moving, which was an improvement.

I’m looking forward to how much progress I can make over the coming weeks! I figure, if nothing else, I can just channel my inner Dory.

finding nemo quotes

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…


2014 workouts, week 43.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 10.27.14

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last week's workouts

I’ve been having a lot of fun these last couple weeks with the #letsgetflexy yoga challenge floating around Instagram. For November, the challenge is #healinghearts, so you should join in! Take a picture of yourself doing the pose of the day and share it with your followers! It has been humbling how much I struggle with some of the poses for this month, but just like with weight loss, I think it’s going to be so fun to see the progress I make in the weeks and months to come!

yoga challenge

monday. hot yoga.

tuesday. New Rules of Lifting for Women 1B.1 + hot yoga.

wednesday. ran 3 miles (10:01 pace). I went out just for an easy run to enjoy the beautiful fall day. I didn’t concern myself too much with pace, but really tried to soak up my surroundings.

thursday. ran 3 miles (10:09 pace). I had an event to attend after work, so I opted for a lunchtime run (aka a “runch”) and while I was definitely overdressed, it was overall good. I even threw in a couple hill repeats!

friday. rest day. God, a glorious, glorious rest day.

saturday. ran 4 miles (10:22 pace). So, I’m going back to New York in December (!!!) and running the Ted Corbitt 15k with Sara! It’s been so long since we’ve run together, so I’m looking forward to that! I’ve got enough Saturdays to train, but I decided to bump up my distance to four miles. I had to walk a bit in the last mile, but otherwise it was an all around stellar run!

four mile run fall colors

sunday. hot yoga (am) + New Rules of Lifting 1A.2 (pm). I definitely sweat it all out on Sunday morning – you know that’s true when your fingertips start getting pruny by the end of class! It was really great, though! And, I even won a free month at the studio for myself and two friends, which was totally worth getting to the studio bright and early! I went to the gym in the evening for some strength training. I’m being very careful to not overdo it with how much weight I use for these first couple workouts, as I think I started way too heavy the last time.



weekend cravings.


Once upon a time, Katy would post her weekend cravings on a Friday. For the first time in awhile, I feel like I’ve got a stretch with no real plans keeping me on the go, but a weekend where I can be intentional about rest and relaxation. time on my mat. I have fallen increasingly in love […]

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pay attention to your surroundings.


(I hesitated to publish this post because I feel like once I write the whole story out, I sound like a careless runner. But, the story I share below all happened in a matter of seconds, faster than I think myself or the driver involved really had time to think twice. So, while this story […]

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2014 workouts, week 42.


monday.ran 3 miles (11:36 pace). I struggled with breathing and a side stitch for the majority of this run. I got the side stitch right around the first mile and could never quite get rid of it. There were a lot of walking breaks, but knowing that I’m still in a “rebuilding” phase, I’m particularly […]

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workout mix: fall 2014.


I like to think I have a pretty eclectic taste in music. That said, these days, it’s rare that I listen to music much outside of when I’m working out. Otherwise, if I have something on, it’s NPR or podcasts. My latest mix is completely all over the place with some hip-hop, some country, a […]

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a (food) baby bump.


Given that I wrote about Jennifer Garner’s baby bump yesterday, I figured it was only appropriate to talk about my food baby bump today because I’m hoping that in owning up to the fact my eating habits have been out of control lately, it might help me reign myself back in just a little. The last […]

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on Jennifer Garner’s baby bump.


I have been a fan of Jennifer Garner’s for a really long time. She seems like such a cool and down-to-earth woman so often appears to live in opposition to Hollywood celebrity culture. Recently, she was on Ellen to promote her two new movies and Ellen, doing what she does best, very bluntly asked Jen about […]

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2014 workouts, weeks 40 and 41.


Over the past 1.5ish weeks, I’ve taken a bit of a step back from the blogosphere – I hardly logged into my own site and rarely checked feedly. It was really refreshing. I love blogging, the community I’ve created because of it, the opportunities it’s created for me, and so much more. But, sometimes a […]

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a season to recenter.


This week, we wrapped up what has been an insanely busy, stressful season at work that started right around early June. On top of that, life in general was busy (but super fun!) pretty much all summer – I feel so thankful for all the great memories I created over these last few months. Needless […]

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