Meijer LPGA 5k run (giveaway).

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 07.30.14

in Grand Rapids

Full disclosure: I received no compensation for this post; Meijer is graciously giving away five 5k race entries.


This August, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) will be in Grand Rapids for the Meijer LPGA Classic. While I’m not a golfer by any means (but I can get totally on board with the refreshments and driving the cart!), I am really excited about the mission of this tournament. It is a week “focused on feeding the hungry, with all proceeds benefiting the Meijer Simply Give program, which replenishes the shelves of food pantries throughout the Midwest.” I hadn’t heard about this program from Meijer, but am 100% on board. I love when major corporations get involved in the communities and find ways to give back.

There are a few community events over the course of the tournament which are aimed to get families involved. One of these community focused events is the Meijer LPGA 5K Run & Breakfast presented by Kellogg’s on Saturday, August 9.  The race starts at Rockford High School at 8 am and will be followed by a complimentary breakfast from Kellogg’s.

While I am unable to participate in the 5k, the kind team at Meijer is giving away FIVE entries to the race for my awesome readers. To enter, simply leave a comment sharing something that’s making you happy this week (because I’m happy to be sharing this with you!). If you do the other typical stuff like follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, and so on, that will get you a (virtual) high five from me, but will not increase your odds at winning a race entry. There is a limit of one entry per person, and winners must be able to be in Grand Rapids, Michigan the morning of August 9. No additional accommodations will be provided. I will select winners on Monday, August 4, and will follow up via email so please be sure to use a valid email address when commenting. Winners must register for the race before online registration closes on Wednesday, August 6 at 11:59pm.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


twosday, volume 63.

by mindy @ just a one girl revolution. on 07.29.14

in Twosday

what’s making me happy this week.

1. The first official Mockingjay:  Part 1 trailer premiered a Comic-Con over the weekend. CHILLS. This movie is going to be epic – I’m so pumped for November.

2. The possibility that running is (hopefully) in my very near future! God, I’ve missed running far more than I ever thought I would. Remind me to never take it for granted again once I’m able to run again, okay?

sometimes, I forget what fruits and vegetables are, and eat lots of really yummy, indulgent foods.

1. Andi and I went for fro-yo after a hot yoga session last week. You know, just to be sure we balanced out the calories we burned.


2. Trader Joe’s cookie butter is best when eaten by the big, heaping spoonful. Enough said.

triathlons I’m considering for 2015. #yearofthetri

1. One of the Iron Girl series. I’m totally on board with the mission behind IG:  “the Iron Girl event series is an opportunity for women of all ages to come together as a community. To be fit, to be healthy, and to celebrate the joy of living well – that is the Iron Girl lifestyle.” Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin would make the most sense given that it’s just a bit north of Chicago and in driving distance, but it could also be a good excuse to travel and see friends in other locations.

2. Grand Rapids Triathlon. This is one of the more prominent triathlons in West Michigan and I’m definitely contemplating the Olympic distance, despite the fact that it’s pretty early in the season and would likely be my first for 2015. Go big or go home, right? Scratch that, because in the world of triathlon, there’s a lot bigger that I could go, but that’s another goal for another year.

now that I’m finished with The West Wing, I found other thing to binge watch.

1. Law & Order SVU. Two cast members from TWW (Bradley Whitford and Josh Malina, aka Josh Lyman and Will Bailey) were guest stars in the last episodes of this last season, so it felt like things were coming full circle.

2. Mom. Apparently, it’s just continuing on with TWW cast because Allison Janney (CJ Cregg) is one of the lead cast members on this show, and she’s just fantastic. I adore Anna Faris, but in my heart she will forever be Erica, the girl who gave Monica and Chandler their twins. I watch too much TV?

buzzfeeds I’m loving.

1. 19 Reasons We All Want to Be BFFs with Mindy Kaling. Because, it’s true.

2. 29 Incredible Photos of New York 7 Years Ago Compared to Today. SO COOL. Also? I freaking love this city.

tweets I loved.

1. Mission:  get Heather to Grand Rapids for the 2015 GR (Half) Marathon.

2. Easier said than done sometimes, but so true.


2014 workouts, week 30.


I really feel like this week was a huge turning point with physical therapy and my IT band recovery. While I had moments here and there where I was hurting, it was a lot less frequent and a lot less painful than it had been. Progress, my friends! We’re seeing progress! monday. One of the things […]

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one month, one goal.


One thing I’m realizing about myself, particularly when it comes to goal setting, is that I want to do ALL THING THINGS. If one goal is good, then twenty goals is awesome. Case in point? My 2014 goals. I set approximately 420,613 of them. Even when I’m setting monthly or weekly goals, it’s a whole […]

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review: Keep Quiet.


I took another break from the summer reading list while I was at the cottage over the weekend and dove into some fiction with Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline. I’ve read a couple of Scottoline’s other titles, so grabbed this one when I saw it at the library. After picking his teenage son, Ryan, up from the […]

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2014 workouts, weeks 28 and 29.


Now that I finally feel like I’m getting out of whatever funk I was in, I’m working hard to get back into normal routines. As I sit down to write this, I realize that I did a horrible job of keep track of my workouts for the last couple of weeks. I think I’m missing a […]

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goodbye, funk.


These past several weeks have been a struggle in ways I didn’t realize in the midst of it, but I feel like I’m finally pulling myself out of a funk. I’ve had a strong sense I just wasn’t quite feeling myself, but now that I feel like I’m starting to come out on the other […]

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5 tips for surviving an injury.


I haven’t been able to truly run for about six weeks now, which I now know is due to a pretty nasty case of Iliotibial Band Syndrome and it’s been a huge struggle! Injuries aren’t fun and can definitely feel like a major setback to any progress you’ve made. Obviously, my perspective comes from running […]

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review: Goodnight June.


I took a break from my summer reading list project over the holiday weekend and opted for some chick lit; I read Goodnight June by one of my favorite authors, Sarah Jio. Goodnight June is the story of June Anderson, a successful businesswoman living in New York who was bequeathed her Aunt Ruby’s bookstore in her hometown […]

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twosday, volume 62.


what’s making me happy this week. 1. I got a sweet Tom’s of Maine freebie through Klout Perks. I’ve been a big fan of Tom’s (not to be confused with the shoe company!) for awhile now and was pumped when this perk popped up – high five for the full size product! 2. My container […]

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